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Von Breker German Shepherds is located in southern Indiana, in the rolling hills of Martin County.  We live out in the country on an 80 acre farm.  We also have horses, cows, chickens, cats...we love our furbies! 

No Sunday Sales Please. Scroll below for APPLICATION.

German Shepherds are very loyal, loving and protective of their family and area. They make some of the best working dogs- personal protection, Cadaver, police k-9, drug-bomb sniffing, search and rescue - and the list goes on. 

Our German Shepherds are DDR (East German), Czech and West German bloodlines.  

WE HEALTH TEST OUR GERMAN SHEPHERD FAMILY TO PROVIDE THE BEST POSSIBLE PUPPIES TO OUR FAMILIES!!!!  We stand by our puppies for a lifetime of Breeder Support and love hearing back about them!!!!

I, Ashley, my husband Tom, and our boys Mason and Austin, are blessed to have the quality GS that we have- excellent personalities, temperaments, conformation, German/Czech lineages - they are part of our family.

We @ Von Breker German Shepherds are owned by our GSDs!

Ashley (Brett) Kerr, (812) 583-8436 - Breeder/Owner of VBS 


Thank you to all our extended GS families!

We currently have puppies in Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, Iowa, Kansas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Utah, Illinois, Montana, Minnesota, Washington and Oregon.    

We will be adding more states with future litters.

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Von Breker GS  Puppy Application  - please copy/paste to email and send to us at  [email protected]  to be considered for a Von Breker GS puppy.          Thank you!     

What is your full name?

Your Spouse or Significant Other's name (if applicable)?

What is your occupation/career?

Your full Address, City and State?

Home phone?

Cell phone?

What is your email address?

If you wish to be on the deposit list and wish to be sent a PayPal invoice, to what email would you like it sent?

Do you have children? If yes, their ages?

If yes, have you taught your children to be respectful and kind to animals?

What made you choose a German Shepherd?

Where did you hear about Von Breker GS?

Have you read information concerning German Shepherd Dogs?

Have you completely read my Health Contract/Guarantee and agree to it?

What is your 1st and 2nd choice airport if applicable?

On puppy(ies) sold for Pet that are not used for show/breeding, do you agree to send veterinary proof of spay/neuter (with microchip scanned by vet) by 12-24 months of age ?

Do you agree to have your puppy Microchipped for his/her safety prior to his/her going to his/her new home- I do this for $30 (required)?

Do you know we highly recommend that you have Nuvet ordered (use Code 18761) and ready for your new baby when you bring him/her home- it is a top of the line, immune system support for your beloved fur family member? Puppies will be on this when they leave.

Do you have other dogs/pets?

If no, will this be your first dog?

If yes, are they good with other dogs?

Have you ever had a German Shepherd before?

If this is your first GSD, are you familiar with/ knowledgeable of, the German Shepherd breed?

Who will be the main caretaker of this puppy?

Where will this puppy sleep? 

How many hours a day will he/she be alone during the day?

Do you have a fenced back yard?

If no, what are your plans for exercise, play and potty?

Do you know you cannot safely take your puppy into public until he/she has completed his/her shots?

Are you looking for a breeding prospect  or  a pet puppy ?

For what purpose are you looking to get a GSD? For example- pet, personal protection, SchH, IPO, etc?

Are you looking for a male, female or does it matter?

What color are you looking for or does it matter?

What time frame are you looking to add a German Shepherd puppy to your family?  

Which list would you prefer to be on?  The No Obligation Notify list or Deposit placed, & In line to pick when Puppies are available list?

Do you know that we must meet in person for picking up a pet only puppy? 

Please remember the balance due of the puppy will be in cash for him/her at pick up or if being flown to you, all monies to be paid prior to flight.

Are you planning on picking up or will you wish for me to meet you part way (fee applies)?


 If puppies are currently available which puppy are you interested in?

 Please list 1-2 references.


May the references be contacted?


Are there any other questions You would like to ask -- OR is there anything you would like to add that would be relevant to bringing one of our babies into your home ?  Please know that we are available before, during and after the adoption of one of our puppies. We take pride in our puppies and love them very much!

PLEASE - Realize that the decision to adopt a puppy should be thoroughly thought out-  it is not a decision to be taken lightly- it is a LIFELONG decision- not just a whim, a sweet puppy thought or dream!! -  Please weigh the pros and cons to know if the timing is right and everything - everyone is ready for the obligation and responsibility!!

However, we ALWAYS have a Welcome Home policy for our puppies- dogs if a situation changes and you can no longer care for him/her.