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Hanja "Athena" Von Breker
Daughter of Anja and Fitz

Athena. (Sable coat)
She is the daughter of our very own Fitz and Anja. 
Athena is one of the best German Shepherd dogs we have had the privilege of having as part of our family. She is Incredibly smart and loyal; she will follow any member of our family anywhere. She is athletic, strong, and very healthy. She is confident and driven to please and to excel. Athena has a loving and friendly temperament, but is protective of her family. She is obedient and has always been very easy to train.
She has had her OFA X-ray, and her hips are GOOD!!! See her results below as well as her pedigree.
Athena is DM Clear!
She is currently  85 pounds.