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                                         Von Breker German Shepherds Health Agreement


The purchased puppy will have a 1 year guarantee from date of birth against any disorder found to be genetic, that causes the death or severe debilitation of  the puppy.(does not include accidents or injuries to the puppy after he/she leaves here.)
Puppy MUST be vet checked by Buyer's vet within 72 hours of purchase/taking home to validate the Agreement . Breeder is to be sent information of the Vet findings from this visit of the puppy
immediatelyFailure to do this voids this agreement.

The puppy will have been microchipped  ($30),  have had regular wormings and vaccinations according to age at the time of leaving for his/her new home and have been well socialized. 

The vet records (shots/wormings given/vet exam statement) will be sent home with the puppy to be taken to the Buyer's vet at the puppy's first vet visit with his/her new family .  It is required of the new owner to continue the worming, vaccinations, heartworm, flea and tick prevention, etc. on schedule, to provide good quality nutrition and protect the puppy from public or contaminated grounds, until vaccination is complete.

Von Breker German Shepherds will not be responsible for vet expense of puppy incurred while in possession of the new owner. Should anything show up in the 1st year that is considered genetic or life threatening (that is not the result of neglect, under - over feeding, or an accident), the puppy must be returned at Buyer's expense  - or  the Buyer can elect to keep the puppy and this contract will be void.   If the puppy is returned for an issue that Buyer's vet has found, the Breeder's vet will then re- inspect the puppy to determine that there is indeed a life threatening or severely debilitating health issue. If such is found, at the Breeders ability and availability of puppies, the puppy will be replaced with the same value of puppy - and this completes the health agreement.

If the dog/puppy is replaced, there is no guarantee on the replacement puppy/dog.  It is a one time replacement. A replacement puppy/dog may not be available immediately but will be replaced out of the next comparable litter.  If the cost of the replacement puppy is greater than the original purchase price, the buyer is expected to pay the difference.

This contract does not cover accidents or neglect that leads to life threatening or debilitating disorders. It is up to the new owner to provide healthy quality food, adequate shelter, protection from heat and cold, and vet care. To fail to take proper care of your puppy or to breed the puppy before 1.5 years of age or before pre-lim x-rays are taken, will void this contract.

Buyer is to have hips/elbows OFA x-rays at 2 years of age,  (but pre-lims at 1 year of age) -- if Buyer plans to breed the puppy at proper age.  If puppy is going as breeding  or show prospect, Breeder cannot guarantee that said puppy will grow up and be able to produce or win in the ring. Puppy will however have been checked over completely by our vet and pass a strict vetting before leaving.

This contract is good only for the original Buyer of puppy, is non-transferable and any issue is dealt with in Breeder's Indiana county- Martin County. 

Conditions brought on by stress of shipping, delivery, the stress of being placed in a new home,  switched food or environmental conditions, such as kennel cough, coccidia, giardia, allergies and demodectic mange are not covered in this contract. These conditions should be monitored by your vet and treated accordingly.

If you notice any diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, lack of appetite or any unusual - out of character behavior with your puppy- seek veterinarian assistance immediately.  It is better to be safe than sorry with your new fur family member.

IF AT ANY TIME  You Find You Cannot Keep Your Puppy-Dog, There Is ALWAYS A Welcome Home Policy for your puppy/dog.      No Refunds Will Be Given.

We would love to receive updated information as the puppy grows and updated pictures occasionally. We are here for you should you have any questions even after taking the puppy home - after purchasing a puppy from Von Breker GS, you will be part of our extended family for life.

Non Refundable Deposits may be personal checks, bank checks (or cash) and to be made out to Ashley Kerr- but final payments must be in cash at pick up. 

Thank you so much!!   

Von Breker German Shepherds


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Sire ______________________________________________________


Microchip # _________________________

Color  __________________

Date Puppy Left ________________________

New owner signs by the ONE AKC registry choice agreed upon by both parties:

Limited AKC-  Pet - *Spay/Neuter ________________________      (Spay/neuter proof must be sent to Breeder by 2 yrs of age)

                                                      (Buyer signature)

Breeder ________________________

Full (Breeding) AKC Registration _________________________

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Breeder  ________________________



I,  ___________________________________________, new owner(s), by signing,  do understand and agree to this contract. 


New Owner(s) Information






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Breeder/Owner(Co-owner) of Von Breker German Shepherds

ASHLEY N KERR  ______________________________

Ashley N Kerr                  

    6847 Lundy Road              

    Shoals IN  47581               

     (812) 583-8436