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Please fill out a Puppy Application if you are interested in adding a puppy to your family in 2023 or 2024!! 

Sorry, No available puppies at this time. Fastest way to get a puppy is getting on the deposited wait list.
Breeder reserves right to 1st pick of a litter at any time

Current Raven Litter- 6 Males, 2 Females    Born 4/30/23  No availability except to following wait listers  

Nadia Raven Von Breker X Idoll z Jirkova Dvora**
** Idoll belongs to Sarah Degnan, of Ky. Scroll down the page to read info of our sire of interest, Idoll. Extra Cost applies to this pairing. 

M1- Erica S.                                     F1- Michael L.
M2- Kyle W.                                     F2-Ethan R
M3-Carrie F.
M4-Mike F.
M5- Emily S.
M6-Jarod S.


Next Planned Litters

Maya X Quincy Summer 23 (bred, but not confirmed or guaranteed)

Raven X Idoll Late Fall 23 (future)

Deposited Waitlist:  

1. Gary L. - Male puppy Maya X Quincy 

2. Nicole B.  prefer Female  puppy- Waiting Late 2024 

3.  Sara M.--  Female puppy- Fall 2023

4.  Lauren A.-- Waiting -Female- Raven X Idoll Fall litter (Nov.?)

5. Ashton K.- Female puppy

6. Jake M. Waiting -Spring 2024 

7.  Morgan H. -- Fall 2023 male puppy 

8. Amy V.--- Male puppy- winter 23 

9. Frank M.---fall/winter 2023 

10.  Julie M. - female puppy

11. Shaylyn M.  Maya x Quincy 2025

12. Amy Y. Male puppy

Deposits are transferred to our next litter if necessary. No refunds on deposit.
Our puppies are worth the wait! Find us on Google for pictures, updates, reviews. Also on Von Breker GS FB page "Community" tab for pictures and updates
posted by adopted VB GS families. 
Idle Future Litter Deposit Transfer
Undecided- Tori B., Illinois
Undecided- Leanna C., North Carolina
Undecided- Alica H. Indiana
Undecided Amber W. Indiana
Undecided David C. KY
Undecided Victoria W.
Those who have standing "idle/sometime in the future" transferred deposits are
responsible for informing me when you are ready to put your past deposit into motion. It does
not guarantee a first in line unless you tell me prior to current deposits for a planned


owned by Sara Degnan


IP03, IGP3 

BORN 2/28/2016


Hips 0/0 Elbows 1/1


"Idoll was fully titled in the Czech Republic, competed at Nationals and was a stud for Jinopo. I Purchased him when he was almost 4 years old. I have been so pleased with him! He is everything I wanted in a stud and in a GSD. He has such a wonderful temperament off the field and and gives 100% serious effort while working"- owner Sarah Degnan


Idoll is a black sable, excellent bone and muscle. Pedigree full of outstanding, titled and health tested GSDs. Very excited for this pairing. - Von Breker GS

                                                    ...Be Prepared!                                                                                     
Please do your research before thinking of adopting a working German Shepherd. The more you know and understand the GS Dog, the more enjoyable and fulfilling having one is, for both dog and owner. German Shepherds need plenty of  mental and physical stimulation daily, to prevent behavioral issues.
 Puppies require a lot of time, training, energy, and patience.
If adopting a puppy from us at 8-12 weeks of age, please anticipate puppy behavior (such as nipping, chewing, jumping up), and be committed to his/her training before getting a puppy! Our desire is for each of our beloved puppies to be placed in homes where they will loved as family, and taught to be well-mannered & well behaved GS Dogs. Take your time, do your research. Be Prepared to keep your puppy Forever! When you are ready, Choose us!

Von Breker puppies are happy, healthy and energetic. They are very easy to train, and will come ready to bond with his/her person or family. They are intelligent, loyal family dogs and have the capacity to be trained in any venue needed. They show all the signs for maximum potential in anything that you ask.
The puppies will be accustomed to loud noises and activities around him/her.  Each puppy will be Up to date on everything Health. Excellent lines. Very self confident & Loyal. Brave-Hearted/ determined come what may.

Our puppies are always handled and loved daily by the whole family.
We live in a rural area, and the puppies are able to be out and about around our home, exploring and gaining confidence at an early age, beginning in short sessions at 5 weeks, and all day by age 7 weeks. By only kenneling them at night time, and while we are away from the house, (for their safety), the puppies learn not to potty where they play, eat and sleep, thus preparing them for easy house-training upon adoption into your family & home. They are extremely smart!

Puppies will excel for K-9, Search and Rescue, Personal Protection, Schutzhund, Working, Family dogs, or whatever you wish to train them to be. Past puppies of same breeding have been amazing, beautiful and highly intelligent. 
See our FB page Von Breker German Shepherds for pictures added by previous adopters. See "Community"  (visitor postings) page as well as "Newsfeed" (VB posts), and reviews page for optimum post viewing.

We are looking to make other families, couples, & singles as happy as we are with having the joy of the perfect canine companion & co-adventurer in their lives, by their side....By YOUR side. 

Puppies are DM Clear by parentage, will be highly socialized, vet checked, have age appropriate shots/worming, be microchipped  ($30) and have a written health agreement- (Health agreement on on our website). 

World Class quality dogs and pedigrees- striving to have the very best GS puppies to offer to our clients.

Please fill out a Puppy Application to start the adoption process, OR give me a call and we can talk.


      See the "Adults" tab and find Sire and Dam pictures and information.
            Thank you so much for your interest in Von Breker GS.


Keep Scrolling for   adopted Von Breker pictures from previous litters.

CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK VBGS PAGE  as well! "Like" us to keep up to date!

Please contact owner/breeder - Ashley Kerr,         ashleyb125@yahoo.com          812-583-8436
We would be happy to review your application.

West German/Czech/DDR working/family lines at Von Breker GS !
  ALL breeding GS are health tested !!!   

*****PUPPIES  ARE  ALL  from DM CLEAR parents*****

Below are some miscellaneous pictures of our dogs, and also some puppies that have been adopted.

Zelda is from the first litter of Anja and Oskar- She's an outstanding girl with medium drive- very obedient and great bone and structure.           DM Clear.
OFA Good.
Von Breker
Jax is from the Nov 2014 litter of Anja x Oskar. He's an outstanding boy!!!
Duke from the Nov 2014 Anja/Oskar litter. Best buddies with my nephew, Evan!!
Mischa, bi-color from the Nov 2014 litter. What a lovely girl!

Anja x Oskar previous male puppy, Gruber - picture taken at 6 months of age- out of Anja's first litter. Handsome!!  Lives in MO.

ZELDA, EYDIE and FITZ,......Zelda and Eydie are full sisters, daughters of Anja x Oskar.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         OSKAR VOM KONIGSDORF  *RIP* Oskar crossed the rainbow bridge in 2015 due to lyme disease and some complications. A very big loss.

Below is Bandit, son of Zelda x Fitz

(Fitz's sire)
AKC Reg.
DM Clear - Czech/ German bloodlines.
(as a note- Caesar is  much darker black sable than this photo shows.) Caesar's sire was red sable.
Engel- Anja x Oskar. Litter mate of our Ero and Eydie. Lives in Iowa.
My very handsome Ero!! Anja x Oskar  18 wks here.

Chase. Zelda x Fitz 4 months

Jorah, Zelda x Fitz
4 months

<--  Cody. Out of Anja x Fitz
Pictured above and below are Onyx & Grace.  Onyx is out of Eydie x Fitz and Grace is out of Zelda x Fitz.  Eydie and Zelda both usually have several puppies in each litter with beautiful, longer coats. Adopted by the same family, a year apart.