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Below are Testimonials from some of the Von Breker

families....we love to hear back about our babies!

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Hi Ashley,  Cyrus is doing great!! He is already pretty much potty trained and he is learning to ring a bell on the door when he needs to go out. I will try to take a video and show you, he is so smart!! We are working on the "potty bell", crate training, and just starting leash training and sitting. I am absolutely in Love with this puppy!  ~ Robin L.
Finding our new GSD was a seamless process beginning to end. From the first contact with Ashley Kerr-- Von Breker German Shepherd, we knew that we had found a special breeder who really cares about the development of the puppies that she raises. We couldn't be any happier with our new addition-- Peach, who is from the Zelda and Fitz litter. Not only is she intelligent and calm natured, but also playful and loving. Her first training session took place at nine weeks and she's by far exceeded both ours and the trainer's expectations and is already moving onto advanced commands. Thanks Ashley- we very much enjoy being part of the Von Breker family. Regards, Laura & Brian

Calder "Jorah" Von Breker

Zelda x Fitz

Ashley,  He'll be 4 months old on Wednesday, thought I'd give you a little update. He's amazing and so very smart, he's already house trained and he knows multiple commands. He's always so happy and loves meeting new people and going on adventures. I show him off and brag about his bloodline all the time, I've pointed multiple people in your direction for excellent breeding. I hope things are going well for you and that you have a great summer!  Brooke H.

Ashley, yesterday was priceless and my husband and I had a great time on the Von Breker farm! So great meeting you, your Mom, and your wonderful son! Meeting all the puppies and the extended fur family to include Anja and Fitz was an amazing experience. To see these dogs in person is to fully appreciate their great dispositions and their amazing beauty! The Von Breker farm is so beautiful and those dogs are so lucky to live in such a doggie fantasy land and cared for so lovingly by you and your wonderful family! For anyone reading this, please look no further! I would HIGHLY recommend this breeder without hesitation. I have chosen the BEST!  We are so impressed with your entire approach. Thanks for all the love and hard work you put into raising your dogs and puppies. THANKS again to all of you and looking forward to picking up our new boy Ike, now "Baron".


Anja x Fitz

Hello Ashley,
WOW !!! Hank is so good. I feel that he is adjusting to things better than I expected. He is real content and seems happy. It is also very evident that he is REAL smart and he is very intuitive.. Believe it or not we haven't had one accident in the house. We take him out often and he has been going outside. We have a 2500 sq. ft. enclosed area outside our sliding door. It's nice and we can put him down and let him check things out. He loves looking around and taking everything in.  He has been eating and drinking very well and there hasn't been a problem. His appetite and thirst are both very good. We already love him so much. He is going to be so good looking. He will have a great home and want for nothing, as it should be.
I know that you have  a lot of experience with GSD's.  Thanks again Ashley. I'll keep in touch. HANK IS GREAT    David G.

Ashley,  Thank you so much for Onyx- you made my dreams come true. I'll love her



(update below)

Aug 9, 2017 - UPDATE of   Onyx-

This is what I wanted, a dog who would watch over my boys.  Thank you again, she is a dream come true.


Ashley, She got her 2nd round of shots!! Her ears are up!! Shes so smart and precious!! Very spoiled I might add! Lol thanks again! Stacie

Cohen "Tandor" Von Breker
"He really is my best friend, he goes everywhere with me."
-Terry D.

Zelda x Fitz
"Hera Connor"  Brenna Von Breker
Zelda x Caesar


I wanted to give you an update on Hera as she is approaching her birthday in June.  She has been a great dog and our family loves her very much.  She is growing quickly and she has reached the 50lb weight class.  We just had her routine check up with her Vet and she likes what she see's in her growth, weight and her health is very good.  I must say she is spoiled and she knows it! LOL.   I work from home and its amazing how she knows when the Jordan will be coming home from school.  Around 3:00 pm everyday she will go to the front windows looking for Jordan to return home.  She will stay watch until he gets home. She loves Jordan and follows him where ever he goes and she sleeps with him in his room on her big pillow every night. 
She was real easy to train and she has been house broken very early on after coming home with us.  I've attached some recent photos of Hera and we want to again thank you for such a wonderful dog and she has added so much to our family.

Michael & Jordan

Davey "Chase" Von Breker

We took Chase to Lowes today. He was a hit and well behaved. While there we met two other German Shepherd families. I can't thank you enough for this dog, Ashley. 

Nicole A.

Eydie x Fitz

Hi Ashley,   Kodi, formerly known as Hildago Is doing great! He's such a sweet boy and EVERYBODY loves him!. In 4 days he knows his name and is pretty much potty and kennel trained. He is learning very quickly and always right by my side. His vet checkup went good and is very nice with kids and other dogs.  John B.

Delci Von Breker  (April 2015 - Anja x Oskar)

She has been amazing. so intelligent and faithful.
She loves playing fetch and tracking.

Steve W

Hi Sherri Just wanted to let you know we LOVE our new puppy!! She is just what we prayed for. We have named her after Charles grandmother Ruth her full name is Ruthless Renee. We always give the males Charles middle name Nelson and the females my middle name Renee. We will get some pictures to you soon of Chasko, our first puppy from you, and Ruthless. You can feel free to use us as recommendations to anyone if you ever need to. Thank you and your family so so much for the amazing dogs!! R & C
R & C
Love our new puppy

Thank you Sherri for this beautiful boy,he has been amazing.He has fit in perfect with our little family.Cole Train will be our last little boy.Thank you for being a wonderful breeder,the kind that takes pride in her dog raising.It shows !!!! I will continue to post pictures for you...The Whites.
Carrie and Mike White
dog owner
I stumbled upon Von Breker German Shepherds after searching and searching for a breeder I felt right about! Sherri was so incredibly helpful the entire process! She was always patient, honest, and willing to answer any and all questions I had. You can tell she has a passion for what she does! We got the most precious little girl, and couldn't be happier. She loves our other dog like a big brother :) Her name is Nova, and she is fearless, high-driven, and sweet (when she isn't using my hand for a teething toy!). She will be 14 weeks this Friday and we love her more and more each day! Thank you Sherri, and the rest of the Von Breker family for giving us our newest addition to my own family! I highly recommend Von Breker German Shepherds if you're looking for a breeder!
Happy Mom- Love our girl!

Almost 8 months ago we made the great decisions of getting Sakura from Sherri. Our GSD has turned out to be the most lovable and friendly dog you can imagine. She loves people, is loyal, guardian, wicked smart and very perceptual. Everyone at the daycare knows her name. We've received nothing but praises on her character and beauty from two very known trainers in Indiana (one is a current Dog show judge). Every time we take her to stores or outside she receives nothing but praises on her looks and build. If you're looking a GSD and a great dog companion, I would greatly recommend Vonbreker german shepherds.

Happy Dad & Customer

I was fortunate to find the vonbrekergermanshepherds site about two weeks ago! Now I have a beautiful seven week old sable male. He has integrated well into my family of two other dogs and two cats. My two year old boxer is acting very maternal and the 13 year old jack russell basically ignores him..with a few growl warnings. He has been pretty oblivious to the cats. The experience has been wonderful and was made very easy and personable. Hans or Gruber (we haven't decided which yet which name fits him best) has a beautiful sable mother as well as another beautiful black father! I feel very fortunate to have found such a wonderful breeder that cares very much for her animals. Possibly when one of my other dogs pass away, I would be interested in another german shepherd...and I know exactly who I will contact!
Michell Ford
Hans Gruber

As far as Greta goes...She is doing fantastic. She's not quite sure what to make of the macaws, but she's a smart happy girl. She was totally unfazed by the Car show. She would have gone swimming if I had let her. She has the most rock solid temperament I've ever seen on a puppy this age...Greta is AWESOME She will walk up to anyone and stand to be petted and fussed over. She doesn't jump up a lot which is really nice, she is a lady...😁 Everyone loves HER...She likes everyone, too...
Greta is great!

It back home from Indiana. Met a very very good breeder today such a sweet lady. All went well and she kept us updated with pics and info the whole time! I'd recommend Sherri Brett if anyone needs a German Shepherd she may be able to help you and we are very happy with our new baby! Thanks again Sherri
Happy with my GS puppy

We just picked up our bi-color puppy from Sherri today. Our family is in love with Grimm! He's such a great puppy. I sat and talked to Sherri for a while and she's a very sweet woman and knows a lot about the breed! If your looking for a quality bred German shepherd then Von Breker German Shepherds is the place to go! Thank you so much Sherri!
Lindsey Brown
The happy Brown family

Our family absolutely loves our new baby. He is great with my 3 yr old daughter. So glad we found Sherri. She has a true passion for her dogs and was amazing to work with. I would refer anyone to her looking for a good German shepherd pup. Thank you so much for an amazing addition to our family.

Took our newest family member to the vet for his first checkup today and he did great. He is truly a well adjusted puppy that does well in new places and environments (Rural King). Thank you Sherri for doing a wonderful job with your dogs and providing us with a beautiful boy!! Thanks, The Pepmeier's
Bryan Pepmeier