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Von Breker German Shepherds is located in southern Indiana, in the rolling hills of Martin County.

We are a family that enjoys doing many outdoor activities, and most of the time our wonderful GS dogs join us.

It is amazing to witness the gracefulness and intelligence of a GS Dog. No matter what you are doing, it is always a beautiful , heart warming event to have the good company of an attentive, loyal dog. If you have the love of a German Shepherd, you have a friend for life. 

German Shepherds are very loyal, loving and protective of their family and area. They make some of the best family dogs, working dogs- personal protection, Cadaver, police k-9, drug-bomb sniffing, search and rescue - and the list goes on. 

Our German Shepherds are DDR (East German), Czech and West German bloodlines.  

WE HEALTH TEST OUR GERMAN SHEPHERD FAMILY TO PROVIDE THE BEST POSSIBLE PUPPIES TO OUR FAMILIES!!!!  We stand by our puppies for a lifetime of Breeder Support and love hearing back about them!!!!

I, Ashley, my husband Tom, and our boys Mason and Austin, are blessed to have the quality GS that we have- excellent personalities, temperaments, conformation, German/Czech lineages - they are part of our family.

We @ Von Breker German Shepherds are owned by our GSDs!

Ashley (Brett) Kerr, (812) 583-8436 - Breeder/Owner of VBGS 


Thank you to all our extended GS families!

We currently have puppies in Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, Iowa, Kansas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Alaska, Florida, Texas, Utah, Illinois, Montana, Minnesota, Washington, New York, Texas, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Oregon.    

We will be adding more states with future litters.

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