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Litters and Puppies- We have available female puppies!!!!

Our Litters

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***Puppies Available for March 2024!!!***

Sorry, no puppies are available right now. If you are interested in adopting a puppy in 2024 and 2025 contact me or fill out the Puppy Application. The deposit wait list is the quickest way to get a puppy.

Latest News

Updated on 2/21/24

  • Maya x Quincy litter arrived! 1/18/24! 

 Females available.

Current Breedings

Our Breedings

*These dates are just projected- nature has it's own mind - Deliveries will be posted when they happen.

Planned- In The Future Breedings  (but nature will ultimately decide cycling dates)​

  • Raven x Idoll March 2024

 NO Refunds on Deposits, but deposit is transferrable.

Recently Adopted

Coming Soon!

Puppies Gallery

Coming Soon!

Current Litters Gallery
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