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Frequently Asked Questions


Puppies are $1800 and up. If you are looking for a low priced puppy, we do not have any. We are not sparing on the quality of our dogs or the care they receive. Raising puppies and caring for our adult GSDs is not my side job, it is my life's work.


A $350 non-refundable deposit holds your puppy with balance due by go home date. Puppy choosing is at 6 weeks of age. Final balances paid in cash upon puppy pick up, 8 weeks.

A deposit takes a puppy off the market, so is non-refundable, but deposit can be rolled over to a future litter by the breeder for a limited time at current quoted puppy cost.

Deposit List

Puppies are chosen in order of date deposit was placed from the advanced deposit list. Puppies are
ultimately chosen by the customer, however, breeder will help match you with what you are looking for in a GSD. We can look for small differences based on years of experience and can help customer select a puppy that seems to be a good match to what a family is looking for.


If you do not have German Shepherd experience, you must do your research on the breed. GSD's are amazing K9s but require a lot of time, patience, attention, and your daily focus. It is highly recommended that you enroll your puppy into obedience training classes soon after adotpion, especially if you do not have prior personal GSD experience.

Puppies are not trained when they leave at 8 weeks , as 8 weeks is the optimal time to begin training due to attention span.

I do not offer training, but lifetime breeder support for advice on training and care.

Puppy Character

All our puppies are very similar in personality, drive, color, and size so the first or last puppy sold will be of the same quality!

Puppy Isolation

Puppies cannot have outside visitors until 6 weeks of age and have received their first vaccinations, AND only by those who are getting a puppy from the current litter by advanced deposit placed. If you would like to chance getting a puppy by waiting until 8 weeks old, rather than placing a deposit, you can do so if any are still available. Often they are all reserved before 8 weeks.

Adoption Date

I will post a go home date timeframe (usually 3 days span) once the puppies are born, which will be
when they are approximately 8 weeks old and have received their first vaccinations.

Breeder Rights

Breeder reserves right to hold back puppies for personal use or show homes.


We do not ship a puppy in airplane cargo, but you are welcome to fly a puppy in cabin or hire flight
nanny, or breeder can recommend ground shipper.


Our puppies are NOT raised in small, confined spaces therefore are easy to potty train as they are
accustomed to playing and keeping their area clean. As soon as they are mobile enough, they go outside for exploration and play. They learn at an early age to travel away from play area to potty in the grass. This helps with the potty training process go so much faster.

Welcome Home Policy

No refunds on puppies. However, if you ever can't keep your Von Breker German Shepherd we will
gladly take him/her back to rehome to an approved home. That is our Welcome Home policy.

German Shepherd Health Testing and Certifications

Tests that we run on our Gsds prior to breeding
for common GSD issues.

HU (Hyperuricosuria) means elevated levels of uric acid in the ruine. This trait predisposes dogs to form stones in their blassders or sometimes in the kidneys that sometimes have to be removed surgically.

MDR1 (multidrug resistance 1) gene mutation causes a change in an important protective molecule called p-glycoprotein, which helps to eliminate medications and other toxic compounds from the dog's body and prevents these medications from going places they shouldnt, such as the brain.

DM (Degenerative myelopathy) is a disease that affects the spinal cord in dogs, causing progressive muscle weakness and loss of coordination. This is the big one most people ask about. We have no DM here, NOR do we have carriers of DM. All of our breeding adult GSDs have had these tests and are negative and clear!!!!

OFA (Orthopedic foundation of Animals)
All of our adult GSDs have had their hips & elbows X-rayed and the results sent to OFA for certification. All results are up to breeding standards and better!

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