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Our German Shepherd Dames

All of our Dames are always health tested for the most common German Shepherd issues (DM, HU, MRD1) and are negative and clear.

We have chosen our Dames very carefully to do our very best at providing our families with the best, happy and healthy pet puppies. We strive for each generation to be better than the one before!!

Nadia "Raven" Von Breker

Raven loves action, and is usually in the middle of it. She is confident and smart. Watchful with medium drive. 3rd Generation. Out of our own Athena X Rosco. 

OFA Good/ Normal
DM Clear
HU Neg.
MRD1 Neg.

Hadja "Maya" Von Breker

Maya is a beautiful, large female. 3rd Generation. She loves to play baseball with her family. She has low/medium drive, and can be a cuddle bug. Very easy to get along with. From our own Athena X Rosco. 

OFA: Good/ Normal
DM: Clear
HU: Neg.
MRD1: Neg.

Hanja "Athena" Von Breker

Athena is 2nd generation. She is one of the best GSDs we have had the privilege of having in our family She is incredibly smart and a loyal companion. Wonderful temperament. Family protector.

OFA: Good/Normal
DM: Clear
HU: Neg.
MRD1: Neg.

Ulrike "Luna" Von Breker

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